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All Drive Auto Parts is a sub-division of Jack’s Used Cars and Parts, which caters to online orders of parts from current makes and models. Jack’s Used Cars and Parts was a small disorganized business, until bought by Peter Foley in 1973. Peter was able to vastly expand the inventory and infrastructure of the salvage yard, making Jack’s Used Cars and Parts what it is today! Now Peter, along with his sons and grandchildren, all work at the salvage yard helping to promote and grow the business to new heights.

In 2012 the idea for All Drive Auto Parts was born! Taking a local salvage yard to a national level, All Drive Auto Parts seeks to provide quality new and used parts from current makes and models at low prices. Stop over paying at the dealers, and save today with All Drive Auto Parts! Buy now and save!

All Drive Auto Parts is also a leader in recycling! We have recycled over 104 MILLION TONS of materials and counting! Buying, used or rebuilt parts is a great way to save the environment, by reducing carbon emissions released in order to make new parts! Start saving the environment, and money today!


Matched with the experience of our courteous staff, and user-friendly website, we will be sure to help you find the parts you need at great prices! We have tons of parts available in stock and ready to be shipped out. Buy now and save with All Drive Auto Parts, the auto parts experts!

We have 2500+ cars in stock, with over 200,000 parts ready to be bought and recycled by you! We receive new cars daily, and have an expansive inventory selection. With a vast collection of recent makes and models, ranging from 1999 to current, you will be able to find your most sought after part at a great price!

Our professional, courteous staff is happy to help! Even if we do not have the part you’re looking for available, we are able to run a nationwide search to get you what you need! Buy now and save with All Drive Auto Parts! Find your parts today!


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